About Us


Nigel, by accident of birth, was born in Cleethorpes but his heritage is Jersey. In fact the Renoufs, from whom he is descended, can be traced back to the Viking invasions of Normandy. Maybe that’s why he enjoys practising French and is just as happy meeting newcomers to Jersey as caring for several generations of a family!

Where it all began

The doctors of both practices can claim a significant Jersey heritage. York House Medical Practice in Grosvenor Street was started by Dr Ian Maine. He was a Jersey man from the well known family who owned Maine’s the jewellers in King Street. However he followed a different profession and qualified at Guy’s Hospital London. When he returned to the Island in the mid 50’s he joined Dr Ken Bowker who was practicing in David Place.

In 1963 Dr Maine decided to set up his own practice and bought York House. He was later joined by Dr James Gilmour and they worked together until Dr Maine retired in 1979. He was then followed by Dr Rhys Perkins, another Guy’s man with strong Jersey connections. When Dr Gilmour retired due to ill health Dr Mark Earley, who had been working as a Casualty Officer at the Jersey General, joined the Practice and it remained a two handed Practice until Dr Julie Le Cornu increased the numbers to three in 1996. In 2011 Dr Earley decided to go part time and we were joined by Dr Henry Paul who had been working at The Lido Medical Centre.

We are also very lucky to have been assisted over the years by Dr Zoe Cameron on a part time basis. With the changes going on in Primary Health Care it became apparent that our old building would not be fit for purpose in the twenty first century and we were approached by another small practice to see if we would consider looking for a shared premises.

It soon became apparent that we shared the same ideas of traditional family medicine and decided that the best way forward would be a merger. It took several years to find the ideal location we have at Castle Quay.

Origins for doctors Higgins, Le Bas, Minihane and Winspear can be traced back to Colonel Bentlif who started at David Place around the turn of the 20th century and used to do much of his visiting on a horse and carriage. His original Jersey premises served as a hotel and are still occupied by doctors and dentists. In good Jersey Tradition the Colonel was succeeded by his son Graham Bentlif and joined by other doctors, including those who helped to set up the original Jersey sanatorium for TB at Overdale.

For most of the 20th century his successors comprised 2‐3 doctors and expanded to 4 when there was a move to Clarendon Road in 1990. The building was converted from an old Jersey town house when apartments were built in what was previously a walled garden. When another Jersey GP left the island his business interest was bought by the then partners in 2000 and slowly it and it’s surrounds were outgrown…particularly the ability to park! Hence doctors Higgins, Le Bas, Minihane and Winspear decided to take the plunge and move again to a purpose built building with parking near Jersey harbour providing a pharmacy and the capability to grow services.