Pregnancy Care

Are you pregnant or thinking about it?

Castle Quay Medical Practice are pleased to offer affordable and personalised antenatal care provided by both your Midwife and GP.

Who will I see and when?

First time mums usually receive ten scheduled appointments throughout their pregnancy. If you are already a parent, you may only need seven appointments. Three of these appointments will be with your GP. This is just a guide and if needed, you may need to be seen more frequently. When you first become pregnant, we would ask you to see your GP as your first port of call. They will then refer you to our midwife who can then carefully explain in depth your options and what will happen next.

Does this mean I will never have to go to the hospital?

If you choose to have antenatal scans, you will need to attend the Hospital for these. There may be situations when further tests are required that can only be done in the hospital. As your due date approaches, you will be given the opportunity to look around the delivery suite.

What about antenatal classes?

Antenatal classes will be held in the community

How much will it cost?

Every meeting you have with the midwife is free of charge. When you see the doctor on the first occasion, there will be a fee of £60.00. This covers the formal referral letter and other administration that is required. When you see your doctor at 25 weeks, the fee will be £51.00 which will also cover one more consultation with the Doctor at 38 weeks (this includes all blood tests and any further investigations that may be required). Additional consultations with your GP related to your pregnancy are included in the overall cost.

So What happens now?

If you are pregnant, give surgery a call and ask for an appointment with your GP or if you have already seen your GP about your pregnancy, an appointment with the midwife.

Why are we introducing this service?

Being pregnant is not an illness! There is no need for low risk pregnant mothers to be looked after in the General Hospital. A midwife, will be based here on Wednesday mornings, who you will be able to develop a close relationship with, allowing you and your partner an enjoyable pregnancy experience in comfortable surroundings. Seeing the same midwife and GP at every visit will ensure continuity of care and we hope this will make you feel safe and well looked after during your Pregnancy. If you choose to have a homebirth, your midwife will work with the midwives who provide this service. They will endeavor to be with you when you have your baby. Following the birth and once discharged from hospital, they will visit you at home, offering support and guidance for you and your baby.

Can every mother have antenatal care at Castle Quay Medical Practice?

Of course you can, as long as you and your baby remain well. If we can safely care for you here, then we will. There may be a situation when some mothers will need to see an obstetrician but this shouldn’t happen very often. If you do need to go to the hospital for specialist care, your midwife will aim to join you for your appointment.

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