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Adam Fosse & Aaron Masefield
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Please visit our website for more information where you can also book online or leave us an email at [email protected].

Adam and Aaron are highly skilled Chartered Physiotherapists with extensive experience working with people presenting with a variety of injuries, pain and nerve issues.

They can treat a variety of issues relating to back, neck, shoulder, spine, hip, knee, foot and ankle complaints including post-surgery rehabilitation and sports injuries. Aaron has specific post-graduate training in treating people with vestibular, balance, dizziness disorders and can also offer acupuncture.

Both specialise in gait analysis and the provision of orthtoics/insoles using a dynamic FootScan pressure plate and the latest analysis software. They link in with the Running and Orthotics Lab in Europe to provide a variety of orthotics/insoles.

From our latest satisfaction survey 100% of our clients would recommend PhysioFit to others and we are confident in being able to provide proven success tailored to you in an open and honest way.

We look forward to being able to helping you with your recovery and rehabilitation!